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3 Tips to Feel More Sensual Every Day

Feb 2, 2021

3 Tips to Feel More Sensual Every Day

Making it a priority to tap into our emotions and sensual desires can positively impact well-being.

Let's get sensual, shall we?

It’s no secret that we, as a society, live very fast-paced lifestyles. Between work and personal life obligations (not to mention the societal sexual taboos we face); it seems like there is not enough time in the day to actually process our emotions or take time for ourselves. It’s no surprise that intimacy (both in relationships and with ourselves) can gradually become less of a priority.

An increasing amount of research shows that sexual health isn’t just fun, it actually plays a large part in our overall well being. According to the Oregon Health & Science University, the benefits of sex for women include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better immune system
  • Better heart health, possibly including lower risk for heart disease
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • Increased libido
  • Immediate, natural pain relief
  • Better sleep
  • Increased intimacy and closeness to a sexual partner
  • Overall stress reduction, both physiologically and emotionally

Below are a few tips to reignite your sensual side. All of these things can be incorporated into your daily lives (even just a few times a week) to help you feel more in tune with your body and desires.

Engaging with our sexuality isn’t just fun, it actually plays a large part in our overall well being.

1. Set the Mood

“Setting the mood” is rather subjective and requires some thought on situations and environments that “turn you on.” Set the mood by dimming the lights, lighting some candles, playing some relaxing music (BANKS is a go-to), sipping on a glass of wine, and/or taking a bath. If you have a partner, it’s always nice to surprise them every once in a while with a massage. If you’re looking for a massage oil, you might want to try the massage flame candles –– they double as candles and massage oil! Simply light the candle, let it burn for a little while, and use the wax as a massage oil!

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2. Practice Mindfulness

Considering we all have hectic lives, it’s important to set aside time throughout each week to just be present (both with yourself and your partner!). Turning off all your devices and unplugging from the world is a good idea in general, but it can really help you start to feel in-tune with your sensual side.

If you’re in a relationship, this can also be a really great time to dig deeper into your relationship with your partner. The Gottman Card Deck from the Gottman Institute offers helpful questions, statements, and ideas for improving your relationship.

3. Exercise

One of the best things you can do to feel more sensual, confident, and sexy is to exercise regularly. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce stress and help us feel more comfortable in and proud of our bodies (both of which can negatively impact our sex lives if neglected.) You may also want to try working out with your partner –– many couples find that engaging in rewarding activities like exercising together can be a major turn-on!

Written by The BEing WELL Team

Our team works with some of the top wellness professionals in the spa, health, and beauty industries to bring you valuable content that will help you be well.

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