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VitaJuwel Grande Dispenser and Stand

Have GemWater available at all times with the grande dispenser.

This bundle is the perfect way to serve GemWater for a small crowd of people, whether its family members, friends, guests, co-workers, or customers. Forget those ugly plastic dispensers and make a statement for good water. 2 gal.


  • Has an extra large top opening to make cleaning as easy as possible.
  • The stainless steel faucet is leakproof with a Teflon seal. With 6.9" D, it fits perfectly on any counter or water bar
  • This set comes with a glass stand (with LED light) and a glass decanter (including stainless steel faucet and lid).
  •  Gemstone Vial sold separately
  • Designed in the German Alps, Grande stands for puristic clarity

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