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VitaJuwel CrownJuwel Pet Bowl, Slate Grey

Unique Retail Opportunity for Clients with Pets

As with humans, the main component of a pet’s body is water. This is why consciously choosing and inspiriting drinking water not only increases your clients’ animal’s well-being and vitality, CrownJuwel also raises the attractiveness of vital water for dogs and cats. VitaJuwel’s tests have shown a significant increase in water consumption. A sufficient supply of fresh water might save you some costly vet visits. Best of all, your four-legged friend will LOVE IT.

When selecting the materials for CrownJuwel, VitaJuwel specifically focused on sustainable and robust materials. The main component of the sturdy and bite-resistant bowl is bamboo. The GemPod consists of pollutant-free glass.

This exclusive crystal blend has unique properties for cats and dogs:

JADE (NEPHRITE) – Vitality

AGATE – Strength 

CLEAR QUARTZ – Awareness

PERIDOT – Balance

MANGANO CALCITE – Social Behavior

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