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Sposh Urban Microfiber Robe

Dove Grey
Slate Grey

Sumptuously Soft, Low Maintenance Fabric

Slip on this silky-smooth robe to enjoy the relaxation of spa–at your home. Because of how cozy it feels without being too insulating, we predict that this robe will become your loungewear essential. Easy-care microfiber is quick to dry and practically wrinkle-free when you pull it from the dryer. Double-lined for modesty and features two pockets.



Shoulder 21 ¼"
Center Back Length: 48"
Sweep: 51"
Sleeve: 18 ½"
Sleeve Opening: 7 ½"


Shoulder 24 ¼"
Center Back Length: 48"
Sweep: 61"
Sleeve: 19 ¼"
Sleeve Opening: 8 ½"


Shoulder 27 ¼"
Center Back Length: 50"
Sweep: 67"
Sleeve: 20"
Sleeve Opening: 9 ½"

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