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hydraAROMATHERAPY Signature Variety Pack Shower Burst 4 Pc.


Experience amazing aromatherapy while you shower!Shower Bursts are little packages of pure essential oils and essential oil blends designed to help you create a spa experience in your own home. Made with only the finest of essential oils, these Bursts dissolve in the presence of steam. 2 oz. Gift set includes 4 bursts, one each:

Refresh — rejuvenate with uplifting Grapefruit & Lavender

Relax — unwind with calming Lavender & Bergamot

Clarity — awaken with cleansing Eucalyptus & Peppermint

Healing — revive with purifying Tea Tree & Lavender

Features and Benefits

  • Entertaining shower experience
  • Aromatherapeutic benefits
  • Four incredible varieties
  • 2 oz.


Place a shower burst on a dish or in the sack provided, and allow indirect water to spray and warm steam to release the essential oil aroma.

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