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hydraAROMATHERAPY Shower Burst Duo, Relax

Invite clients to upgrade their shower routine with the Shower Burst® Duo. These carefully crafted tablets feature a unique blend of lavender, bergamot, sweet orange, and cypress essential oils for a one-of-a-kind aromatherapy experience.

Steps to Relaxation

1. Activate Shower Bursts with a few drops of water for an aromatic experience at home.
2. Unwrap the foil, then lightly wet the Shower Burst. 
3. Place it to the side, either in a soap dish or on the side of the tub. Or place it in a sachet and hang it away from the water. 
4. When damp, the shower humidity will activate the scent. 

The Shower Burst will dry between showers; just wet again to reactivate for the next shower.



Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sucrose, Essential Oil Blend of Lavender, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, and Cypress


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