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dpl lla LED Wrinkle Reduction & Acne Treatment Panel by reVive Light Therapy

This award-winning one-of-a-kind light therapy device offers 3 treatment options and the largest treatment area available. You can experience medical-grade light therapy in the comfort of your own home. Select from anti-aging, acne treatment, or both at once. 

In addition to anti-aging and acne treatment effects, the powerful infrared (IR) LED lights in the dpl® IIa support skin healing and recovery activity, as well as minimizing damage caused by sunburn, bruising, cuts, scrapes, and scarring from acne.

Features & Benefits 

- FDA-cleared OTC Class II medical device
- Medical-grade LEDs (880nm Infrared, 660nm Deep Red, 630nm Red, 605nm Amber,
415nm non-UV Blue)
- 3 powerful treatment settings (Anti-Aging, Acne, Anti-Aging & Acne combination)
- Safe for all skin tones

Setting 1: Anti-Aging
- Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
- Reduces the appearance of smile and frown lines
- Enhances skin tone

Setting 2: Acne Treatment
- Reaches deep where bacteria live to destroy acne-causing bacteria, combating existing acne
- Reduces future acne flare-ups and potential scarring
- Calms redness and inflammation

Setting 3: Both Anti-Aging & Acne Treatment—Ultimate Time Saver!
- All the benefits of the anti-aging and acne treatment settings at once
- Saves time
- Maximizes benefits


This LED therapy panel is easy to use, and treatment takes just a few minutes each day.

1. Wash and dry the area prior to use.
2. Attach power supply.
3. Plug the power supply into a wall outlet and turn on the device.
4. Place provided goggles over the eyes when treating the face.
5. Press the power button once for wrinkle treatment, twice for acne treatment, and a third time for all lights.
6. Place the device directly over the skin over the desired treatment area for 3 minutes.
7. The device will auto-shut off after completion of 3 minute treatment.
8. Move the device to the next treatment area and repeat steps 5 and 6.
9. Do not block or obstruct ventilation holes during operation.
10. Use the device daily for best results. Do not exceed 3 treatments per day, per treatment area.


The dpl® IIa Panel device is not turning on:
Is the power supply pushed firmly into the outlet?
Try a different wall outlet to confirm power is available.
Is the power cord pushed firmly into the handle?
Is On/Off button turned on?

The dpl® IIa Panel device shuts off abruptly prior to 3-minute treatment:
Device is designed to shut off automatically after 3 minutes.
Make sure ventilation holes on the back are not covered or blocked.

Some lights appear not to be on:
The Infrared (IR) light spectrum is not visible to the human eye. These lights will look as if they are not on but are operating properly. If red lights are on, the device is operating as designed.

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