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Serina & Company Aromatherapy AromaSport Bracelet



Our eco-friendly AromaSport Bracelets are specifically designed with active bodies in mind. Whether you're going to the gym, work, or even to a nice dinner - the AromaSport bracelets allow you to take the benefits of aromatherapy with you. 9" long x .75" wide.

Features and Benefits

  • Functional: Lightweight, flexible, and waterproof design allows you to them whenever & wherever you want!
  • Versatile: flexibility and extreme ease of use allows you to switch out essential oil aromas to fit your mood
  • Hypoallergenic: Our AromaSport and AromaKid jewelry is always 100% latex free.

How To Use

Simply open the locket and apply 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to the pad. Depending on the essential oil, the smell can last up to one week.

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