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MesoLyft Skin 0.05 Fl. Oz.


Mesolyft Skin Brightener proudly offers a natural and safe way to brighten your skin. Made with papaya and guava extracts, it's clinically proven to inhibit melanin synthesis up to 90%. The kojic acid acts as a gentle pigment exfoliator. Our unique multi-action formula combined with MesoLyft micro-needle technology minimizes large pores, fine lines, and dark spots. We added Meadowfoam oil and jojoba for deep moisturizing and calming effects.

Features and Benefits

Complexion brightener, Texture corrector, Corrects age spots, hyperpigmentation, large pores, and wrinkles


Wash and dry your face, then pump the serum onto the wheel. Press and roll in each direction 6 times. Wash the wheel under warm running water and shake off excess water. For best results use nightly


Papaya, dermawhite, kojic acid, meadowfoam oil, jojoba

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