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Daily Concepts Your Hair Towel Wrap

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Reduce frizz and maintain healthy hair with the Daily Concepts® Hair Towel Wrap. This wrap is the perfect BFF after a bath, shower, or spa / gym rituals. By cutting down on blow drying time, the Hair Towel Wrap helps reduce the risk of split ends and excessive heat damage. Also great to use during facials or while applying makeup to protect and control your hair. Perfect for all hair types and includes a travel-friendly, reusable pouch for those gym bunnies and jet setters! To use, place the towel on your head with the button placed on the back of the head at the base of the neck with hair inside the tip of the Hair Towel Wrap. Twist the tip it like a conventional towel, pass it to the back of the head, and secure with the button. Can be machine or hand washed then air-dried or put in dryer with a cool temperature setting. Do not bleach. One size fits all.


• Great for long or short hair
• Helps alleviate frizzy hair
• Helps reduce the risk of split ends by cutting blow drying time
• Ideal for everyday use at home, gym, and / or while traveling

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