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Creating Your Own Spa Moments, at Home

Posted on August 14, 2017

Busy, busy, busy. No end to the list of things you want to get done.

But there’s another side to life; those rare moments where everything is suddenly quiet, you’re alone, your thoughts are deep and soothing, your breathing quiet and slow, and time is standing still.

These are your own spa moments, made even sweeter and more profound by their solitude, moments that you can create for yourself at home, in between visits to your favorite spa.

Here are some gentle suggestions on what you can do to create those moments for yourself, suggestions borne out of years of thinking about those moments and creating them for ourselves.

Create your own spa moments, at home

7 ways to create your own spa moments at home

#1 Create a safe haven.

Set a place apart - it could be your bathtub or a section of a room - that is your personal retreat place. Someplace quiet, with the ability to close out any distractions, visually and audibly. Place soothing items there, including keepsakes, flowers, and candles, so that your immediate surroundings evoke pleasant memories and soothing reminders of the beauty of life.

#2 Decide what you’re going to pay attention to.

Perhaps you want to focus on your feet, or your face, or your hands. Maybe it’s just the desire to relax your entire body. While it may seem odd to have a goal for a spa moment, paying particular attention to some part of yourself, and pampering that part, will add one more benefit to your moment: a feeling of accomplishment afterwards, knowing that you have done something that will make everything else you do that day work better.

#3 Prepare first, then give yourself a little space before indulging.

If you decide to have a spa moment, then get busy preparing, and then try to have that spa moment, you can easily break the mood. Better to prepare for it while you are in your busy mode, and then, later, when you’re ready for your moment, find yourself in a space that has already been prepared for you. Ahhhh.

#4 Experiment.

When you consciously decide to add spa moments to your life, some part of your brain can return every so often to “what I will do in my next spa moment.” Yes, you will find yourself returning to your favorite spa moments - perhaps a good long soak in mineral salts or a tub filled with oils, bubbles, or even flower petals; giving yourself a pedicure or facial; or a self-massage with your favorite essential oil. But there may be another “favorite” moment waiting for you, discovered via a cream, shampoo, oil, scrub, mask - or whatever! - that you hadn’t tried before. Taking time to explore is a luxury in itself.

#5 Give all your senses a break.

It’s not just the visual atmosphere that sets the mood. Music that you find particular soothing - we all have our favorites - can immediately shift you from rushing around mode to slowing down mode. And, of course, there are nature sounds, like rain on the roof or the sound of ocean waves. On the other hand, sometimes silence is the most golden. Soft ear plugs can block out surrounding sound so that all you hear is your own breathing and the beating of your heart.

#6 Go for the full spa experience, with a friend.

Carve out a whole day or a half a day, and invite someone you care about who would be the perfect spa moment partner. Give each other your preferred treatments, pampering each other, laughing together and relishing your time together. Even the time leading up to this spa-at-home day will add some joy to your usual busy schedule. Planning and anticipating is half the fun.

#7 Put your spa moments on your calendar.

Sometimes days, weeks, or even months can pass without a single peaceful moment. You know this is not what you want, but it’s so difficult to carve out the time. For once, make your calendar work for you, rather than the other way around. Set a time and day - at least once a week - where you know  you will be stopping and literally smelling the roses, and giving your busy self a much-needed respite from the daily grind. Even your busiest day will be less stressful, if you know that  there will be a time, in the very near future, where you can put the pressures aside, smooth your feathers, and rejuvenate your body and spirit.


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